London Tea Room

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Allow Children? Yes children are allowed

Allow Smoking? We are sorry smoking is not allowed

Allow pets? We are sorry pets are not allowed

Is there Parking? We are sorry there is no customer parking

Are there Handicap Facilities? We are sorry there are no handicap facilities

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(314) 241-6556

Name of Attraction = London Tea Room

Type of Attraction = Restaurant

Directions = See Map

Summary = Located in the heart of Tower Grove South, The London Tea Room offers a cosy retreat from the bustle of city living. Start your day off with a pot of tea and a scone, or have a light lunch of quiche and soup.


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Opening Time = 09:00

Closing Time = 16:00

Adult Price = Free Entry

Children Price = Free Entry

OAP Price = Free Entry

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A divine, legendario experience. I was specifically looking for an old fashion tub to soak in, and I found such a delighted one. It was also deep and huge, and if there are two people looking for a cozy splash, dive in! I got more than I anticipated with such rich company and conversation, the finest details to my room stay and tailoring breakfast to suit my needs (even when I was the only one staying at the house). The time and upkeep to the home, as well as for a vintage and antique lover, I wandered in the smallest corner to find a hand picked treasure. It is hands down the best vacation stay I've ever had. I was alone, but wasn't alone - and my privacy and needs to be kept alone were respected but I could enjoy the company at my leisure which was such a graceful dance. Highly recommend.

Kathy L, July 2020

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